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Dashboard improvements

A few ideas for dashboard improvements:

* It would be nice to be able to adjust the timeframe that is used on the Trending dashboard modules. Currently they default to 24 hours but it would be beneficial to be able to select the timeframe.

* The ability to combine multiple gauges into a single position in a dashboard. An example is being able to place 2 or 3 Number gauges next to each other in a single position. An example would be a SNMP Temperature and Humidity value next to each other or multiple Temperature values next to each other so it won't take up multiple rows on the dashboard.

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Hi Josh, 

Thank you for the suggestions. We certainly see the benefit in both improvements. 

Regarding the timeframe, what ranges were you interested in seeing on the dashboard? The dashboard aims to give quick view the current trend, then provides a direct link to see the greater historical view. 

Thank you. 

Hi Ryan,

I was thinking of having options for 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours. Depending on the source of the number and the rate/frequency of change that could be a good option.

Another idea would be to allow for specifying the range of the values (the high and the low) for the graph. In the example I'm trying to create, the value goes between 40 and 70 regularly but the chart shows up from 0 to 80. If I could have the chart start at 30-40 up to 80 it would be easier to see the swings over the time period. Another chart stays between 35 and 45 but the chart shows a range of 0 to 50. This could also be a closer dynamic range based on the values for the time period selected.

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