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Add tile under AD Monitor for objectclass

 It would be nice to have a tile for objectclass on AD Monitor that could show group membership modifications (action:modified and objectclass:group) and then allow filtering by time slot like other tiles.  Possibly showing "Object Name" and "Performed By".  This could give a dashboard view of groups memberships that are being modified during a certain threshold.

Thank you. You're very welcome, I'm glad this works for you.

Thank you Ingmar!   That will work for us.  I appreciate the quick response.   You guys rock!

Hi Dane,

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll definitely submit that as a feature request. In the meantime you may actually be able to accomplish this with the "Search" tile that can look at group changes. The only difference is from where the data is obtained.

Whereas ADMonitor looks directly at AD and gets all changes, the compliance group changes use the security event log as a data source (which requires group changes to be audited, which they should be anyways). That should show you everything you need to see when it comes to group membership changes.

This approach actually has a slight advantage, since it will show local (Non-AD) group changes as well.

Please let us know if that works.

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