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Two-factor authentication for WebReports

Given the sensitive information that is accessible via WebReports it would be great to see an option for two-factor authentication.

  1. Basic implementation would be support for generic TOTP.

  2. Personally I would like to see integration with Duo Security as a 2FA provider, there are two options to achieve this by either natively supporting Duo Security using their Duo Web SDK (examples are available for Java), or the second option would be to allow for RADIUS authentication which would then allow for pointing to the Duo Authentication Proxy which acts as a RADIUS server performing primary auth against LDAP/AD and secondary against Duo Security.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for the suggestions! After an internal discussion it looks like implementing RADIUS authentication would be the most feasible in the near future. I will provide updates here on the progress and whether we can still add this to v4.2.

Thank you.

Thanks Ingmar, that is great to hear.

Hi Has this been built into event sentry where you can perform radius authentication?

This is currently scheduled to be part of the upcoming 4.3 release.

When is EventSentry 4.3 scheduled to be released?

In late Q4 probably, our road map is in the Downloads section of our web site:

DUO does work in V4.2 using the LDAP proxy.  The catch is it only supports a single AD.  It is a pretty easy setup, but in short you point the Web Reports LDAP server setting to your DUO proxy.  You can find the LDAP proxy setup on the DUO site.


I am not looking to integrate with DUA as we have other products we use for 2 factor authentication. I will just await for the next version release and it should support Radius server authentication, thanks.

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