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File Server Files/Folder permission scans


It would be a great feature if you folks were able to scan permission of files and folders as a lot of auditors needs for companies to complete this and review the results every 6+ months.

Having an automated way to complete this using this solution would be helpful.

Hi David,

I apologize for the late response, and thank you for the suggestion.

This is something we have considered in the past, but thus far this feature request hasn't made it to our road map yet. Can you elaborate on what exactly what you would like to see?

Would you just be looking for a report that lists directories and files and their respective permissions? Or, would you want to also be looking for reports that show to which resources a user has access to?

Thank you.

Hi Basically something that could crawl through the fil server folders you select and could advise who has what permissions to each file and folder. If the folder has an AD group on it the tool could perform an AD look up who is part of who is in that group and dismay that information on the screen. We have another utility called lepide audit which I would like to replace with your Siem. It basically crawls through our file server and it integrates with AD as it also monitors AD. Every 6 months I have it set to scan our file servers and it can easily report who has what access for each one, I cam then pull the report for each main folder and send the access rights to the supervisor of the area so they can notify me if changes are required. This is mandatory as part of Nist and cmmc auditing

Just crawling folders and displaying permissions would be pretty straightforward and feasible in the near future. The ability to specify a user and display files/folders that user has access to would be more involved however (especially when permissions from Non-AD groups/users are used).

Are you looking for a "simple" report that shows folders and files along with the associated permissions, or are you also looking for the ability to run reports that show files/folders accessible to a specific user/group?

I am looking for a tool which can crawl through a file server whatever you have it set to and what ever shared folders and files you select to audit is what it crawls through. It will then save the data to a database in which you can query the information to understand who has read/write/modify/delete access for users.

If the folder has a group on the directory it will then look up who is part of the group and it will extract each user who is part of that group and show up in the report.

Let me know if you have further clarifications.

That makes sense, although we would likely integrate it with our ADMonitor feature, which, in 4.3, will include a group inventory. We'll get back in touch once we're ready to get started on this if we need any clarification.

Thank you again for your feedback!

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